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Pledge to Vote No x 2  

Pledge to vote NO on Voter Restriction Amendment

Pledge to Vote No x 2  

Pledge to vote NO on the constitutional amendment to ban marriage for same sex couples. Click the icon to learn more.

Endorsed by Minneapolis DFL

Star Tribune Endorsement

It has been my honor to serve on the Minneapolis School Board since 2008. I am seeking reelection to the Board for two reasons.

First, I believe my work on the board is not done. Every day I think about the 34,000 students in our schools, and every day I want to do more to prepare them for a successful future. Right now our schools are poised to make significant gains in student achievement, and I know I have the governance skills to help make this happen.

Second, I offer the expertise and continuity that is so vital to an effective school board. As the only incumbent board member seeking re-election, I can provide the experience and leadership needed for the governing body of a complex, richly diverse district with over a $700 million dollar budget.

Carla's family:  Frances, Nicholas, Carla, Susan, Thomas

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